FOSTA/SESTA closures

Reddits like r/hooker
Google Drive purging content

TER US ad boards
Craigslist personals
Indie forum
Parts of VH

Most of BestGFE

Nightshift rumored to be down but still up
Humaniplex rumored to be down but still up
Maybe parts of Eccie?
Amazon erotica authors report that they are being deranked, suspect SESTA

Nightshift down
Fetlife statement: they are doing research and may go down if the bill is signed into law
TNA statement: they are removing explicit reviews, will continue to fight sex trafficking, all assets are outside the US and ads and discussion will continue as usual
Microsoft bans offensive language and nudity across all platforms – Skype, office, etc.
WordPress deleting content
Wix deleting content

Backpage (.com, .ca, etc) seized by the US goverment
TER blocks access from US IP addresses
EroticMonkey down
Escort Design down
Eros rumored to be next/parts of eros not working for some people
MN starts charging
Companionfiles down
Myproviderguide down

Eccie down
Pixxels (web hosting for phone sex workers)

Escortprotools down
Adultclassifieds down
USAsexguide down (tho honestly thank baby jesus for that one)

Squarespace updated TOS
SexyJobs removes escort and private options

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