I got excited about research during my MA program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where I studied the lived experiences and policy recommendations of people in Alaska’s sex trade.  You can read about that in the Atlantic here, or download a preliminary report here.  If you’d prefer the hundred-page-longer version just email me – hobostripper at gmail dot com.

Currently the Internet has hired me (really!) to research prostitution related charges in the United States.  I’m obtaining documents from every charge of prostitution, sex trafficking, and promoting prostitution, state by state, and tracking some interesting factors.  Right now I’m on Alaska, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and North Dakota.   As I go, I’ll release reports for each state.

I’m learning interesting things like: some District Attorney’s never charge anyone with prostitution without also charging them with something crazy like sex trafficking themselves or sexually assaulting the undercover officer who hired them for sex by touching his penis, some states never charge someone with sex trafficking without also charging them with prostitution of themselves in the same case, and some states consistently charge women with felony pimping of themselves.

You can follow along for as little as $1/month.

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