My personal essays and reported pieces appear at VICE, AlterNet, Tits and Sass, and other print and web publications.  I’ve self published three little books (like zines in ebook format), and the first has been an Amazon best seller for years now!  If you’re interested in hearing about my new books and getting some occasional great deals, join my mailing list below.

Here is some of my writing on the web:

Policing the Oldest Profession
602 Imaginary Prostitutes
Sex Trafficking: How I Survived Foster Care
Whore to Culture
A Profile of Bella Robinson
A New Lawsuit Aims to Decriminalize Prostitution in California
Sex Trafficking and the Super Bowl
Letter to my Rapist, Who is in Jail for Raping More Respectable Women
Financial Coercion Quiz
Learn Human Trafficking from Home
I’m Katha Pollit’s “Highly Educated Leftist” – And a Sex Trafficking Victim

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